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Wheel Alignment Service

You don’t want to put off having a wheel alignment done when you begin to notice the symptoms that indicate the alignment is off. Poor wheel alignment can increase your risk of having an accident by reducing the maneuverability of your car. It can also cause damage to the suspension system and tires on your car, turning a simple repair into an expensive exercise in replacing parts. At America’s Service Station, we know that safety and economy are both important aspects of maintaining proper tire alignment.


Your tires play an important role in your fuel economy and a poor wheel alignment can cause uneven tire wear that will reduce your gas mileage. Another thing that poor wheel alignment will cause is excessive braking, as it will be harder to stop the car because it is pulling to one side.


If you have noticed a drop in the miles you are getting out of each tank, call and make an appointment at America’s Service Station for a tire alignment. We've extended service hours that will make it easy to fit your service appointment into your schedule. Contact one of our convenient locations today.