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30,000 Mile Auto Repair Service and Maintenance

The 30,000 mile service mark for your car is an important part of extending its life. After 30,000 miles, the car should be brought in to the technicians at America’s Service Station to be serviced. Each car manufacturer has different recommendations for the specifics of the 30,000 mile service but there is a standard protocol that most cover. The America’s Service Station technician will know which additional services your specific make and model car is also required to have.

During the 30,000 mile service, our technician will check all of the fluid levels in your vehicle. Some of the fluids, such as the oil, may necessitate a full oil change. Certain types of transmissions may also call for a complete fluid change as well. While many people are used to the 4 to 5 quart oil changes, a full oil change can sometimes use up to 10 quarts. During a full fluid change, the oil or transmission fluid is drained from the reservoir and the engine or transmission. This is done to remove the fluid that has gathered the wearing-in debris of the engine. The America’s Service Station technician will also change the appropriate filters and depending on the driving wear, may make recommendations to you for different filters or fluid weights if the car is experiencing stress.

Call and make an appointment today at any of our convenient locations. You do not have to wait until you have passed the 30,000 mark exactly, but can come in within 1,000 miles of the mileage mark as well. This will make it easier to set an appointment that better fits your schedule.

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