Brake Repair Service

The regular visual inspection of your brake lines can help to catch problems before they turn into a costly repair, but sometimes spotting a wear in the line isn’t done easily. At America’s Service Station, our brake repair technicians know that brake problems can be a result of multiple small issues throughout the line and aren’t always easily spotted. We take the time to make sure that after the obvious brake repair is complete, that your whole system is checked out too.

A common cause of brake failure is the introduction of air in the line. With older model cars, it is easier to bleed brake systems to get rid of the air. With later model cars, our brake repair technician will have to pressurize the system in order to properly examine the entire line for leaks. Brake repair is serious business and at America’s Service Station, it is a business that we focus on. We carry a large line of stock, OEM and recommended brake parts at our Dacula location so we can handle any make or model brake repair quickly.

Call and make an appointment today at America’s Service Station for your brake repair. We will inspect your brakes, diagnose the problem and then explain to you the options for the brake repair. Our service technicians may recommend an upgrade to the kinds of braking pad used if your driving needs put your brakes under unusual stress. We will also visually inspect the entire system to help prevent unwanted surprises in your driving future.

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