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Emissions Check

Getting that emissions notice in the mail is a cause of stress for a lot of car owners. Would you like to know about a group of people who aren’t sweating it? The regular customers we have here at America’s Service Station. Our shop always does auto repair work that leads cars to naturally being better for the environment, as a clean running car is also a well running one. Bring your car in and let us know that you want it ready to pass an emissions test and we’ll take care of the rest.

We want to promote the idea at America’s Service Station that an emissions test is not a punishment. It is a chance to show the fact that you care about the environment and want help keep the air clean. Cars produce the majority of greenhouse gases which are harming our environment, and they are also responsible for pollutants that cause smog. We have been working with car owners at America’s Service Station, one at a time, to reduce both of these pollutants whenever possible. It takes consistent effort, but we’re prepared to get it done if you’re ready to bring it in to any of our convenient locations.

Most of the time you only need a few simple things done to pass your emissions test. Changing your oil, getting new air and oil filters, installing new spark plugs, having your check engine light serviced, and being sure you have proper seals in your fuel system are the basics. Come to America’s Service Station for help with these, and we’ll get your vehicle to pass its emissions test.

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