Repair of Acura Vehicles

Acura has built its reputation on luxury and performance but new Acura drivers will notice a shift to include intelligence. From blind spot information system to adaptive cruise control, there are new inspections your mechanic should perform besides the normal OBD (check engine light) and air conditioning diagnostics of older vehicles. That is where you can trust America’s Service Station to keep your feature-rich Acura working on all cylinders to provide you comfort and convenience to all your destinations.

It’s a new age and there is a new type of vehicle on the road. To properly handle your Acura repairs, you need an auto repair shop like America’s Service Station with the state of the art facilities, updated electronic diagnostic equipment and ASE certified technicians who know your Acura in and out. The new super handling all-wheel drive offered on new Acura models is an adaptive and intuitive AWD system that improves safety and performance. Our technicians will alert you of developing problems in your vehicles drive train and differentials so it works today and tomorrow. We handle a variety of Acura repairs on new sedan, coupes and SUVs including: RLX, TL, TSX, ILX, ZDX, MDX and RDX.

The most economical way to keep your intelligent Acura running smooth with all its bells and whistles is with preventative maintenance. Do the smart thing and bring America’s Service Station your Acura repairs. Whether it’s a scheduled maintenance or you need help fixing a special feature, we have you covered at America’s Service Station.

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