Repair of Mitsubishi Vehicles

The number one priority of everyone here at America's Service Station is to make sure that your car functions trouble free for as long as you own it. This goes for Mitsubishi cars as well as we have specially trained Mitsubishi repair technicians here at America's Service Station who have the training and experience needed to keep these cars running perfectly almost indefinitely! Mitsubishi owners appreciate quality when they see it, and plenty of them see it at our shop as we have many of these exciting cars in here often.


We are committed to performing the regular repair, maintenance and service work that your car needs to lead a long life. The Mitsubishi repair team here at America's Service Station is ready to do the following for everyone who has a Mitsubishi:


  • Factory scheduled maintenance and servicing

  • Oil changes and other lube services

  • Computerized diagnostics

  • Electrical system diagnosis, repair and replacement

  • Brake system inspection, checks, repairs and replacement

  • Timing belt replacement

  • Exhaust system inspection and repair

  • Transmission system maintenance and fluid change

  • Engine tune ups and repairs

  • Air filter replacement in the engine and cabin


Call up the Mitsubishi repair team here at America's Service Station for these and all other repair, service and maintenance needs that your Mitsubishi may have. We can handle your Lancer, Eclipse, Galant, Outlander, i, 300GT, Expo, Mirage and Endeavor. We’re a complete Mitsubishi repair shop and we’re ready to serve everyone in 10 convenient locations who owns one of these exceptional cars!

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